The circular economy: a flagship for Italy

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It is news of these days that the index compiled by the Circular Economy Network places us in first place in Europe in the area of ​​Circular Economy.

England, Germany and France are well spaced. The index is calculated on the basis of some values ​​including the efficient use of resources, the use of secondary raw materials and innovation in the categories of production, consumption and waste management.

An excellent example of the application of a circular economy is the agri-food industry: in Liguria Archimede Ricerche is working on the European project called Saltgae.

The agri-food industry produces large quantities of waste water every day, and this project aims to demonstrate the possibility of cultivating microalgae that absorb contaminants from water, useful for their growth: the result is on one hand purified and clear water and on the other hand the production of precious and reusable resources.

So that, purification, reduction of pollution and production of new resources simultaneously.

Among the algae produced, spirulina: among its various qualities exploited by researchers, the ability to thrive in high salinity waters. As explained by Daniele Carlini, Saltgae's production manager, "The algae is able to seize what we call contaminants from different production processes, which however are the main nutrients for the growth of the alga itself, such as nitrates. Seaweed is therefore able to store them within their own tissues through photosynthesis, grow and increase their concentration within the crops ".

Sun, carbon dioxide and wastewater: it is all that these algae need to consume pollutants and grow. The resulting green powder can then be sold for the production of cosmetics, fertilizers, pet food or even 3D printing material.

Of course, now the experimentation must continue on the different algae, each of which has a different property

The goal is for crops of this kind to spread throughout Europe, helping to boost the circular economy of the future.

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