If plastic should disappear.

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The EU is preparing to ban, from 2021, 1.9 million tons of plastic packaging, disposable cutlery and accessories from the agri-food industry and a turnover of about 4 billion.

Italy is one of the leading producers of disposable cutlery and this is why companies of the sector will have to convert quickly so as not to risk closing. Something is naturally moving, as evidenced by the many patents filed for the synthesis of biopolymers. However, the sensitive issue is about investments required, which can reach several tens of millions of euro, to be able to provide biorefineries or adapt the plants of packaging manufacturers.

And one wonders if, considering that the EU has touched with this maneuver only 7% of polluting plastics, the efforts will really give the expected results, especially in terms of environmental pollution.

Italy will certainly play an important role, as demonstrated by new companies linked for example to the reuse and transformation of totally compostable waste or crockery.

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