Crowdfunding for minibonds

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The 2019 Budget Law (Italy) offers a new opportunity for operators in the sector: loans through minibonds issued by SMEs can be subscribed to web sites, exploiting crowdfunding platforms.

This means that crowdfunding companies will be able to launch real debt collection campaigns, although subscription today is only possible by professional investors, and the possibility of opening up to retail really seems far away.

The purpose is the facilitation of funding collections through bonds or debt financial instruments by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Consob is working to better regulate this novelty, in particular it will be necessary to clarify which documentation the regulator will require in case of admission and negotiation of the new instrument on the market, hoping that it will be more streamlined compared to the requirements applied to Mini-bonds.

Even the possible involvement of new subjects is under discussion. In fact, if the opening to the crowd, and therefore to the retail sector, does not appear realistic, the opening to intermediate subjects, such as the typical private banking client, appears realistic. The node is in fact in the modus operandiof professional investors: they use channels and professionals distant from the procedure of a crowdfunding platform.

Beyond the issues to be resolved, there remains the possibility of expanding an instrument - crowdfunding - which in Italy can not reach significant levels.

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