The application of the Blockchain knows no limits

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Blockchain: It is a technology that exploits a database distributed with peer-to-peer technology and that anyone can take from the web, thus becoming a node in the network.

Extrapolated from the context in which it was born (the ICO for cryptovalute) can be used in all areas where a relationship is needed between several people or groups. It can guarantee the correct exchange of titles and actions, can replace a notary and can guarantee the validity of the votes, precisely because each transaction is monitored by a network of nodes that guarantee its correctness and can remain anonymous.

Born in a very specific sector, that of finance, today the Blockchain’s  mechanism is very apreciated, so much so that it has been imported into the most disparate sectors.

In which areas blockchain technology is moving:

Food: the blockchain allows the development of a more secure and efficient system and supply chain. IBM has developed a program called Food Trust Blockchain Network. The advantage promised to retailers, suppliers, growers and distributors of the food industry is specifically the traceability of the products practically in real time

Health: a huge potential to solve critical issues related to the safe management of patient data, the counterfeiting of drugs or the traceability of data in the field of research

Digital content: a useful tool to combat piracy. Sony itself has announced a copyright protection system that could soon be adopted throughout its extensive catalog of digital content, from music and movies to video games and even educational material.

Online voting: the process began that will lead the institutions to experiment with new forms of voting through the use of blockchain technology

Mobility: by 2021 59% of airlines and 34% of airports will undertake tests or research on this technology, seen as an ally to simplify operations such as the management of passenger identities and tracking of luggage


Of course, the list does not stop, and indeed many companies are showing interest in using the blockchain in their sector. What is certain is that while the cryptocurrencies do not fully convince, the blockchain technology has actually evolved and its spread seems unstoppable.


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