Young people return to agriculture

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There is a return to agriculture by young people, due to passion and interest in the natural environment, or even to the desire to invent a job that is not there. According to a recent Coldiretti survey, in 57% of cases today a young person would prefer to run a farm rather than work in a multinational company or be a bank employee. In the agricultural sector, business managers under the age of 30 have increased by 2102 units in the last 5 years, while there has been a decline in almost all the other main activities. This is a fact consistent with the race to the earth taking place among the new generations with Italy, which is the leader in Europe in the number of young people in agriculture due to the growing interest of the new generations for work in the countryside.

Coldiretti signals the growing interest of the new generations for work in the countryside, where they have brought profound innovations, with multi-activities ranging from the corporate transformation of products to direct sales, from educational farms to agriasilo, but also social farming, agribenessere and the care of the landscape or the production of renewable energy.

An interesting example is an app that processes in real time the data taken from sensors distributed on the ground, able to detect data on the soil - humidity, temperature, salinity - and climate (solar radiation, rainfall). This information will be useful for farmers to improve crop profitability.

Unfortunately, to curb further under-35 momentum there is a risk of bureaucratic obstacles, difficulties in accessing credit and also lack of agricultural land. The good news is that there were almost 30,000 young people who, in the two-year period 2016-2017, applied in Italy for the establishment of the Rural Development Plans (Psr) of the European Union in agriculture.


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