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What are the steps to present yourself to an investment fund?


At this point in our journey, the entrepreneur should be clear to those who wish to present himself, and for what purpose.

Of course, the how is also fundamental, and here we can see which are the steps

- Prepare a business plan: it is a tool for introducing the company, in which to describe the path made and the future objectives, from a strategic and operational point of view. The business plan must of course be accompanied by an economic and financial plan, which explains to the investor how his capital will be invested, what impact it will have on company capital and what kind of return on investment it is possible to envisage. We will devote an ad hoc study to the drafting of the business plan

- Finding the right interlocutor: it seems trivial but it is necessary to introduce yourself to the right subject in the vast panorama of the Funds. In this case it is necessary to contact an intermediary, who knows the market and knows how to address correctly. Naturally, 2meet2biz can help on this point, with the specific objective of putting company and investor in touch.

- If the interlocutor is interested in the contact and wishes to see the business plan, a confidentiality agreement is drawn up and signed so as to be able to share all company data with confidence. At this stage, there is much information that will be used by the Fund to make an evaluation of the investment.

- If the negotiation continues, a letter of intent is drawn up - a pre-contract that actually contains the salient points of the agreement and which generally precedes the due diligence, a very in-depth analysis process performed directly in the company. We will also dedicate a specific study to the due diligence.

- Finally, if everything went well we arrive at the signing of the actual contract and at the member's entrance, that is at the closing. This is a formal transaction, which is carried out by notary and which provides for the transfer of shares, the payment of the price - in accordance with the agreed procedures - the issue of guarantees, the possible replacement of directors and the signing of any accessory contract.


One last aspect is missing at this point: the disinvestment and exit of the Fund.

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