The future is green

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Many believe it, in a near future (within twenty years) in which renewable energy can produce half of our electricity needs.

Wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric and natural gas are some of the most used sources and with better yields today.

And so, while the Trump administration speaks of a massive use of fossil fuels, in a totally anachronistic way, large companies disinvest important assets related to the oil industry to invest in renewable energy.

Unfortunately Italy is not proving to be in step with other European and non-European countries. In particular, the absence of a policy common to all the regions regarding the authorization process complicates the creation of new wind farms in favor of faster and more prepared countries.

Wind power, compared to solar, is precisely the one that has taken the longest step in terms of technological evolution and in particular of plant efficiency. Today we are able to achieve a high ratio between energy produced and the area used, with a net reduction of costs and improvement of efficiency.

The challenge of innovation is the most important. Innovation in plants, in technologies for maintenance, in production costs.

A good news? A Greek islet - Tilos, located between Kos and Rhodes - will be the first self-sufficient and totally green island. During the year it will detach from the network and will live exclusively on energy produced from renewable sources.

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