Investments in renewable energy: an evolving market

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It is a recent news that the British National Infrastructure Commission has concluded a long period of internal needs analysis, arguing that nuclear power will no longer be indispensable, and that renewable energy can become a source of equal importance.

The direction therefore is to build a single new nuclear power plant and to focus on the rest of the needs on wind and photovoltaics primarily, as well as on the rest of renewable sources.

This would allow to move from the current 30% of production to a 50%, given a very large breath. Of course now it is up to the government to decide which direction to take, which is by no means a foregone conclusion.

It is true that Britain has always been a vanguard country for renewable energy, with the largest number of turbines installed at sea and procurement costs gradually falling.

The progressive decline in production and plant costs is launching a new era for renewable sources. In fact, it is estimated that by 2040 the cost of electricity produced by solar plants will fall by 66% while that of offshore wind energy could even decrease by 72%.

Thanks to this more and more projects will come to life, subsidized by groups of investors and developers attracted by profitable and profitable investments.

Beyond everything, clean and renewable energies, together with a low carbon development program will allow a global green change.

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