Italy returns to attract foreign capital, and Milan is more than ever capital

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International news have followed in recent weeks.

The first one -  not surprising at all - is that Italy has returned to be in the world top ten of countries that most attract foreign investors.

Behind this return, and a leap forward of three positions in 2017, Industry 4.0 appears to be:  the innovation program launched in 2017 to foster digitalization processes, increase productivity and increase business skills. In fact, the result was not only an increase in competitiveness, but an increase in the interest of foreigners, who are looking for Italian companies to make direct investments in the capital.

What do foreigners appreciate? The presence of startups and innovative companies as well as the increase in export quotas.

The second, which makes us proud, is the agreement between the world's largest incubator, Made in China, and the Milan Polytechnic. This is the creation of a joint development platform between the Pollitecnico and Tsinghua University, the prestigious University of Beijing. This is an operational agreement, thanks to which Chinese companies will be motivated to open their own research and development centers within Bovisa Tech, 23 thousand square meters north of Milan. And so, Italian SMEs and startups will be able to get in touch with the Chinese market.

The topics of greatest interest are robotics, automotive, design, Industry 4.0.

There will be an initial investment of 50 million from China, which will enter minority stakes in local companies to grow them. And it will follow the creation of a Venture Capital with an initial allocation of 30 million and with Italian and Chinese capital, dedicated to startups.

So Milan revalues ​​and gives new life to a suburban neighborhood like that of Bovisa, supports all of Italy on a path towards a global and sustainable economy, breaking down barriers.

A project to keep an eye on.

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