Mind, Milan Innovation District

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The project was born in November 2017, two billion in value, the one presented by Lendlease, an Australian real estate giant, to convert the area used in 2015 by Expo Milano.


The project is of great interest for the city, given that in the area will arrive a stem cell research center, named Human Technopole, the new Galeazzi Hospital, and a part of the University of Milan.

Beyond that, the intention is to attract companies in the pharmaceutical sector, coworking, and of course all the essential services where there are offices, such as bars and restaurants, gyms and shops. In short, a city in the city, which could be completed in 2021.

The recent news is the choice of the name, Mind - Milano Innovation District.


As for Human Technopole it should open its doors - at different times starting from this year - by 2021, with full operation. They are already looking for the director of the company that will accommodate 1500 people.

Also in 2021, the 16-storey building will be delivered, which will house the new Galeazzi Hospital.

The University of Milan intends to transfer a part of its faculties, naturally scientific ones, for obvious reasons of affinity. The research of the 350 million of funds for the project is underway.


As for the area dedicated to companies it seems that already different, Novartis and Bracco to make a name, have shown interest. Naturally, various types of negotiations are under way, even with a coworking company - such as Copernico - for the establishment in Mind.

Really a city in the city, which will be able to host, when in a few years it will be at full capacity, 50 thousand people a day.

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