New facilities for energy-intensive companies, by Rastello Group

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In order to adapt the national legislation to the Guidelines of the European Union (LG) on State aid for the environment and energy 2014-2020 (Communication of the European Commission 2014 / C 200/01), the system of subsidies for companies with heavy consumption of electricity through the decree of 21 December 2017.

The facility is able to bring savings from 10% to 30% on the electricity supply costs (depending on the classification of the contribution level compared to the A3 tariff).

The Ministry of Economic Development identifies the energy-intensive companies benefiting from the benefits, starting from 1 January 2018, as those companies that meet both the following requirements:

  1. Average electricity consumption, calculated in the reference period, equal to at least 1 GWh / year;
  2. One of the following:
  • Operating in the sectors of Annex 3 of the Guidelines;
  • Operands of the sectors of Annex 5 of the Guidelines and IVAL≥20%;
  • Registered in the lists of energy-intensive companies 2013, 2014, by the CSEA.

In order to benefit from the facilitation it is necessary to analyze the following topics:

  • Electric intensity classes. The electricity intensity classes are calculated in two ways, compared to the Gross Value Added (VAL) and with respect to the Turnover for VAT purposes;
  • Energy prices. Reference should be made to the average energy purchase price in the last year of the reference period;
  • Energy consumption. Consumption is defined through "benchmarks for the efficiency of electricity consumption in each sector";
  • Contribution levels. The levels of contribution to promote the production of energy from renewable and similar sources are established on the basis of the parameters of the aforementioned numbered list, thus based on the electricity intensity classes.

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