The Horizon 2020 financing opportunities for startups and SMEs, by Alessandra Lomonaco

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Horizon 2020 is the largest ever program for research and innovation of the European Union. The goal is to make all citizens more innovative, discover and achieve results, transferring the great ideas from the laboratory to the market.

The program was launched in 2014 with a budget of about 77 billion euros, up to 2020 to finance European companies and organizations that develop research and innovation. National and private public investments, that this program is able to attract, must be added to this fund are added.


In the three year period 2018-2020, the Commission will invest 30 billion euros focusing on issues crucial to Europe, such as climate, clean energy, digital economy, migration and security. Horizon 2020 will be very much geared towards strengthening disruptive innovation projects.

This was announced by Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation last October.


Carlos Moedas said:

"Artificial Intelligence, genetics, blockchain: science is at the core of today's most promising breakthrough innovations. Europe is a world leader in science and technology and will play a major role in driving innovation. The Commission is making a concerted effort – including with the European Innovation Council which takes its first steps today – to give Europe's many innovators a springboard to become world leading companies."


Support disruptive innovation
Since the beginning of its mandate, the Juncker Commission has worked to support innovative European entrepreneurs. At the end of 2017, the Commission launched the first phase of the European Innovation Council. Through this Council, over the next three years, the Commission will mobilize € 2.7 billion to support high-risk and high-impact innovation to create the markets of the future. 
In addition, Horizon 2020 will use its "crack the challenge" awards to provide cutting-edge technological solutions to pressing problems of European citizens (for example, the award for clean air or energy, for online safety, for social innovation, etc.).
In the next three years Horizon 2020
 ( will focus on some issues of the European agenda:
1. A low carbon future and climate sustainability: 3.3 billion euros
2. Circular economy: 1 billion euros
3. Digitization and transformation of European industry and services: 1.7 billion euros
4. Security: 1 billion euros
5. Migration: € 200 million
€ 2.2 billion will be allocated for clean energy projects in the following related sectors:
1. renewable energy,
2. energy efficient buildings,
3. Electro-mobility and storage solutions, including € 200 million to support the development and production in Europe of the next generation of electric batteries.

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