New 2 billion Fund for European companies

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Its name is Amuf, Asset Management Umbrella Fund, and was set up by the Bei Group's European Investment Fund. The goal is to raise 2 billion euros in three years to invest in risk capital, private equity and venture capital in support of European SMEs.


In Italy, an interesting first entry is the one of Cassa Forense, directed by Nunzio Luciano, which has directly signed an agreement to invest, with a medium-long term perspective, 175 million on:

European growth, 100 million

technology risk capital europe, 50 million

science of life, 25 million


On one hand, Cassa Forense answered to the request addressed to institutional subjects, such as Casse and Pension Funds, to diversify its investments, with the aim of supporting European companies, Startups, SMEs and Midcap.

On the other hand, the Fund is the answer to the demand for access to private equity and venture capital markets that rises from institutional entities with portfolios calibrated on public debt or real estate securities.

A wave of new funds available to all European companies. We are counting on Italy, which is getting noticed in Europe for scientific production, to take advantage of it.

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