Funds and business angels are focusing on Europe

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The European market is becoming more and more attractive for investors. Two recent events prove it.

A new 60 million venture capital fund, founded by partners Ivan Farneti and Niccolò Manzoni, will soon be active all over Europe, but its focus will be France and Italy. The specific interest in this case is the food and agritech sectors, with the participation of the Italian Investment Fund and the European Investment Fund. But not only, several international family offices participate. The interest is towards a very topical sector, with a specific focus in those innovative companies that will be able to respond to the challenges related to the production of healthier food, the efficiency of supply chains, personalized nutrition and alternative proteins. In short, to technology at the service of the primary needs of the individual.

Second event, data comforting Eban (European business angels network) on the active angel business in Europe - about 300 thousand subjects - who invested € 6.7 billion in 2016. In 2017 40 business angels were noted for their number and volume of operations.

In short, a profession that is mounting to the headlines, thanks to the ability of these entrepreneurs, managers, finance professionals who decide to help with their money young startuppers who have an entrepreneurial idea but few funds to develop it.

The most important sectors for business angels are fintech, biotech and medtech, that is technology applied to traditional sectors. The ICT and healthcare sectors follow.

Different subjects and different strategies, but the goal is shared: support deserving companies in their development process.

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