Fly? The air transport sector marks notable growth rates

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In a conference organized by ENAV, the national institution for flight assistance, data of a research by Bain and Co were presented, which highlights a healthy sector and with very interesting growth rates.
The overall impact on the economy is 70 billion, given that it considerably exceeds the revenues of the airline companies.
The sector can be a driving force for the economy of the country, the President Enav, Roberto Scaramella, said
In Italy, in fact, air traffic continues to grow, with an increase of 6% from 2013, and 143 million passengers. A situation that affects not only Italy but Europe too. The growth of the sector in 2017 was 7.6% over 2016: these data tell about a sector of great interest.
In 2017 passengers has increased of 7%, and growth is expected to continue at over 6% in 2018. And there is even a forecast for the 2018 of more than 9% of revenues, for the whole sector.
The forecasts for the cargo sector are also interesting, which is expected to grow by 8.6%.
The growth of the main sector naturally entails the development of the sectors that depend on it and so the creation of highly innovative companies.

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