Financing growth. On the Italian stock exchange let’s talk about quotation and individual savings plans

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At the end of February, a conference organized by Confindustria in collaboration with the Italian Stock Exchange.

The theme is the listing of SMEs on the AIM Italia market. A market that grews 170% as volumes and 22% as a value in the year 2017.

Less bureaucracy and more results, to summarize in a few words the characteristics of this market.

The growing data are certainly comforting, but most of the merit is due to individual savings plans, a tool of great support for Italian SMEs, listed or not.

An instrument that under the theme of private debt has worked much better than minibonds, which on the contrary have never really started in Italy.

An important support for companies that have expressed their interest in Piazza Affari is the Elite program, a sort of incubation for enterprises, at the end of which about half of the companies has decided to continue the journey and carry on the listing in the AIM Italia.

A sensitive route to Piazza Affari, which allows SMEs to consider problems that sometimes end up in oblivion:

- relationship between management and the family

- existence and / or necessity of rules and procedures

- Management of relationships with external investors

- generational transition, with a basic theme such as that of skills

And so, waiting to see how individual savings plans will continue, at AIM Italia they hope to see 40 new SMEs listings in 2018.

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