Access to 100 million euros: facilities for startups have been defined

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A few days ago a ministerial circular was published to define eligibility criteria as well as eligible expenses for the Smart & Start instrument, which was designed by Mise as a specific support for innovative startups.

First of all, startups - already established - up to 5 years of age, as well as new ones, that will have 30 days from the sending of the application for the facilitation to forward the registration to the Business Register, will be able to access the facility.

Interesting news also in the field of facilitated expenses: systems, hardware, software, consulting, testing, patents and licenses, brands, investments in marketing and web marketing.

Citing the circular: "investments in marketing and web marketing are eligible within the limit of 20% of the total amount allowed for the other categories of expenditure, understood as expenses related to the definition of the strategy to enter the market and the activities prior to the promotion innovation covered by the investment program ".

Finally, some news also on the front of reporting. In particular, it will be possible to request reimbursement of non-receipted invoices - backed by a surety in favor of Invitalia - provided that the payment is shown within 45 days, and a restricted account is opened for the management of the movements.

At this link you can download the full version of the circular.

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