The listing on the Stock Exchange: a competitive advantage

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Financial stability, increased competitiveness, weighted growth. These are some of the advantages for companies that decide to face the journey towards listing.

And thanks to the 2018 Italian budget law, a further one is added: tax credit on 50% of the consulting costs incurred for the listing on the stock market of SMEs by December 31, 2020. The maximum amount is € 500 thousand per company, in front of a total amount of 80 million for the maneuver.

Access to the capital market through the listing on the Stock Exchange is an important tool for all those companies that want to compete in increasingly complex competitive scenarios, which require strategic vision, solid industrial plans and important capitals to achieve them. In fact, listed companies are characterized by high rates of development, which the listing helps to maintain over time.


And it cannot be said that the choice of the quotation does not cost. It is known that Pirelli, recently returned, has spent a figure of around 80 million euros. The figure for SMEs is decidedly lower: 20,000 euros for Piazza Affari, for a total cost of around 500-700 thousand euros - the difference is represented by the expenses for banks, auditors, lawyers and various consultants.

The market dedicated to SMEs is the AIM Italia, on which the greatest impact of the Reform is expected. The Aim has been specifically created on a delicate balance, on the one hand simplifying the requirements in the listing phase, on the other hand protecting investors.

It is likely that the advantages linked to the quotation far exceed the costs incurred, above all in a strategic medium / long-term period.

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