Who said that money is enough to make a start-up take off?

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I wonder why all the new entrepreneurs - or almost - have the economic problem as their first problem. They are struggling to find funding in order to start their business, without having thought about what they really need, in addition to capital.

So they think that failure is due to the absence of adequate investment, without realizing that the first reason for failure of a new company is the lack of a good idea.

So what do you need to set up a start-up, perhaps innovative, and bring it to give profits?


THE GOOD IDEA: innovation rewards, in all sectors and in all countries. Product innovation and service or process innovation. Either you invent something new or it will be hard to arrive in such a competitive market.


THE COMPANY PLAN: writing, writing, writing. Write down all your ideas in a business plan: what you intend to do and how, with what tools you want to promote them, what you need to do - not just as financial resources - and what do you expect in economic terms, an economic-financial plan.


RESOURCES: specific skills - which you can find in collaborators or in consultancy - headquarters, machinery, software, hardware, etc ..- partnership - to be woven over time - and of course financial resources - assuming also what and how to get them .


CONCRETENESS: the idea may have come even while you were observing a sunset, but now you have to be concrete and realistic. This also means seriously evaluating the support from external realities, incubators or accelerators, for example, or consultants for the procurement of financial resources. The right help can be decisive in identifying the realities that can survive among all those born.


FINANCIAL SOURCES: the possibilities are different:
crowdfunding, however, be aware that to attract the attention and resources of small investors it is necessary that the idea is "easy" to understand, that is, a product or service within everyone's reach. A particular type of valve that can revolutionize the production market of a specific machine tool will be difficult to understand to non-workers.
Bank loan: today opens a new opportunity for innovative start-ups - registered in the specific section of the register of companies of the Chamber of Commerce: Banca Depositi e Prestiti guarantees bank loans for 80% of the amount. No additional guarantees are required, but some economic requirement is certainly welcome.
Regional / European funding: non-repayable loans are rare, generally speaking about forms of loan repayment, for which a guarantee is sometimes required. Venturing on your own is not recommended, rely on a serious company.
Private financing: in this case, the obstacles are twofold: on one hand the difficulty in reaching the possible interested parties, on the other the ability to convince them. Even in this case, venturing alone is to be discouraged, it is likely to lengthen the time and not get to anything.
As you can see, it takes more than money to determine the success of a company. The list below shows 7 start-ups that despite having obtained a total collection of one and a half billion dollars have disappeared from the scene:
Beepi: website to put buyers and car salesmen in contact
Quixey: a search engine to index mobile apps
Yik Yak: social media app
Maple: home food delivery in New York
Spring: food d

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