How it works

  1. Select your pathway

    Go to the PATHWAY section, and select yours by answering these simple questions :
    Who am I? Who do I want to meet? For which business?

  2. Sign up

    Fill out the form and sign up free for 2meet2biz.
    You can view deals that have already been published (anonymously).
    You can also publish your business project and find the right partner to make it happen.

  3. Publish your project

    This information is key for matching, so if you're not sure, save the draft and complete it later

  4. Fill out your presentation sheet

    This will be your business card to show to potential partners. Your presentation sheet is very important. The more information you make available, the more appealing the result, and the more likely it is you'll reach an agreement with your partner

  5. Wait for matching

    Your project will be listed in the 2meet2biz database, which matches you based on the main search criteria

  6. Meet your partner

    Once you're matched, 2meet2biz lets the parties involved know. If you both agree, you'll each receive a confidentiality agreement to sign, followed by your potential partner's presentation sheet and attachments, and negotiations can begin. Negotiations take place directly on 2meet2biz via our video conferencing system.

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