How does the platform protect my personal information from attacks?
The platform implements advanced security protocols for both the connection with the client (users' browsers) and the connection to the database and to the file space. All data is encrypted with 4096 bits keys. Incremental back-ups are also encrypted and protected by at least 2 passwords and identity verification. Connections with clients are encrypted according to standards with key RSA 2048 bits, and keys are exchanged according to the Diffie-Hellman protocol. Display the results of "Qualys LAB".
I signed up, and I'm filling out the form to publish my project, but I don't have all the information. Will I have to start again if I interrupt the process?
No. All the entered information will be saved and your project will be held as a draft until you've completed all the steps.
If the platform doesn't find any matches for me, will I have to pay?
No, absolutely not. A variable fee is due to 2meet2biz. This changes according to the economic value of your deal and is only paid when a match is found and you agree to start negotiations with your potential partner. Until then, you pay nothing.
How often do you update your database of published projects?
We carry out monthly checks on open projects and check with posters whether their goals have changed.
How does matching work?
The platform generates automatic matches among published projects. The algorithms are based on the information entered, so it's important that it's correct.
Who will see my published documents?
Your details and any published documents are accessible by 2meet2biz’s staff. As contractually agreed, this information will be treated with the highest confidentiality and in compliance with privacy laws. Only after a match is confirmed will your potential business partner gain full access to the information you supply.
What’s the difference between you and an equity crowdfunding platform?
We work with crowdfunding platforms but we are not a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is one of the options for finding investment funds that we may suggest to businesses with the right requirements.
Can I publish more than one project on the same account?
Absolutely. You can publish more than one project.
I’m an investor, what does publishing a project involve?
An investor is an entrepreneur and, as such, has his or her own investment strategy. You will have to specify the industries that interest you, and a timescale.
I’m an investor, can I select more than one sector of interest for a single project?
Of course, you can select multiple business types and industries.
I’m an introducer, the company or investor I have introduced is not linked to me, what should I do?
In this case, please contact us and we will link you.
How will I receive 2meet2biz’s invoices?
You can find your invoices in your member area, and can download and print them from there.
I’m an introducer, how do I know whether the companies or investors I introduce are correctly linked to my profile?
Introducers can see the companies connected to them through their member area.
I’m an introducer, how will I be linked to the companies or investors I introduced?
When you sign up you'll receive an email with a personal link. You need to give this link to any contacts you register for 2meet2biz. By registering using this link, you will be automatically linked.
I’m an introducer, how can I receive updates on negotiations in progress?
In your member area you'll find the status and actions takes for all negotiations you have in progress.
I would like to become an introducer, how should I proceed?
Sign up to our introducer section to receive an email with instructions.
What does an introducer do?
An introducer has contacts among entrepreneurs or investors which he provides to 2meet2biz for potential deals, while maintaining direct contact with them.
Are you a financial intermediary?
No, we aren’t. We don't carry out any protected activities nor do we collect the money from the deal. Money is transferred directly between parties.
Can I conduct security trading or real estate brokerage operations?
No, you can’t. The platform lets you invest in exchange for equity, and carry out merger and acquisitions operations.
What is your role during negotiations?
We are independent advisors and participate in meetings as observers. However, our professionals are at your disposal to provide you with any additional advisory services.
What kind of contract will I enter into by signing up to the platform?
When you sign up to the 2meet2biz platform, you'll be asked to fully accept the “Regulation”. Failure to do so will prevent you continuing with your registration and means your project will not be published in the database and matched. For advisory services, you'll be required to accept a specific mandate for the service requested.
When will I receive information on my potential business partner?
Once the match is confirmed and the fee paid, 2meet2biz will provide both parties with the complete presentation sheet of the other party and any other relevant documents. Documents will be made available in the member area.
How can I contact my partner?
2meet2biz provides clients with an online planner and video conferencing system to arrange meetings. Video conferencing meetings can be recorded if all parties involved agree. Any in-person meetings are fixed using 2meet2biz's planner. Documents can be exchanged directly on the platform through your member area.
Will 2meet2biz’s professionals take part in meetings?
Yes, they'll participate in meetings and track the progress of negotiations.
Will 2meet2biz’s professionals keep the details of negotiations and the parties involved confidential?
Of course, 2meet2biz's regulation is binding for all professionals involved, who must comply with privacy laws.
I noticed that access is granted to anonymous deals. Could my identity be discovered?
No, absolutely not. Deals are published anonymously and are kept very general, so finding out who published them is impossible.
I want my negotiations to be tracked by professionals I know and trust. Is that possible or do I have to use 2meet2biz’s professionals?
2meet2biz’s professionals are at your disposal to meet your needs from the moment you publish your projects. However, you are not bound to them.
How much does publishing a project cost?
Publishing a project is completely free.
How much does accepting a match cost?
When 2meet2biz finds a match, both parties will be informed and can decide whether or not to proceed with negotiations. If both parties confirm the match, 2meet2biz will request a fee based on the economic value of the deal. This ranges from a minimum of 500 euros to a maximum of 3,000 euros. Upon confirmation, 2meet2biz will let you know the exact cost.
How much does closing cost?
If negotiations result in closing, 2meet2biz will request a fee ranging between 2.5% - 5%, according to the deal amount and business type. The exact cost will be communicated once you accept the match.
If closing is not reached because of my decision, do I have to pay anything to 2meet2biz?
No, absolutely not. Regardless of the cause, if closing is not reached no commission is due to 2meet2biz.
How does the closing payment work?
When a deal is closed, the party receiving the investment (company) gives part of this investment to 2meet2biz.