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Who can benefit from our services

Start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs with innovative development projects are our target group. We support European companies looking for capital to finance:

  • Product and service development
  • Internationalisation projects
  • Acquisitions (growth through acquisitions)
  • Business development
  • Real estate development

Check if your company meets the legal requirements to raise capital through our platform.

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How it works

Registration, filling in the form, uploading attachments
The team contacts the company and checks that the requirements are met and the documents are complete.
The Advisory Team begins the analysis of the project with criteria such as: economic sustainability and profitability, clarity of objectives, strategic value, degree of risk, consistency with the platform's aims, i.e. environmental sustainability, innovativeness, ethicality and social impact; belonging to sectors of greatest interest to the network's investors.
The Specialist Team assigns scores on the basis of the analysis criteria and passes the project on to the Board, which verifies income capacity and average IRR, the quality of the bidding team and the degree of scalability.
The campaign is launched and the project is presented to the network of investors.

Advantages for the company

  • The Team: a team of professional advisors at the service of the company

  • The Investor Network: institutional and professional investors as well as a network of high net worth individuals from the financial and industrial worlds.

  • Skills: the skills of our advisors and investors for consultancy dedicated to your company


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