The company

2meet2biz is a platform registered in the register of managers of portals for the collection of capital with Consob resolution no. 21678 of 13/01/2021 owned and managed by the company Migliora Srl, present on the market since 2015 for M&A and business development activities.

The mission of 2meet2biz is to disrupt the world of Italian crowdfunding by becoming a reference point for crowd investing operations aimed at Italian and European companies by professional Italian and foreign investors.


In compliance with Consob regulations, 2meet2biz:

  • refrains from making recommendations regarding the financial instruments that are the subject of individual offers that could influence the performance of those offers;
  • does not disseminate news that is inconsistent with the information published on the portal;
  • does not hold money pertaining to investors;
  • does not directly execute orders for the subscription of the financial instruments offered on its portal, having to transmit them to the authorised intermediaries chosen for each offer;
  • is not a financial intermediary, and therefore cannot and will not lend money;
  • does not intervene in the information concerning the offeror, who, therefore, remains solely responsible for the completeness and truthfulness of the data and information provided.


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Registered office

Viale di Porta Vercellina 9
20123 Milan