Company Information

  • Company Name: MIGLIORA SRL
  • Memorandum of Association: Incorporated in Milan on 08 /09/ 2015 at Studio Notarile Scaravelli
  • Capital: euro 94.200,00 i.v.
  • Registered Office: Viale di Porta Vercellina 9, 20123 Milano
  • VAT Number: 09193300960
  • Fiscal code: 09193300960
  • SDI code: T9K4ZHO
  • PEC Address:</strong >
  • Phone: 02 49518040
  • Rea code: MI-2074913
  • Registered in the Companies Register of Milan:</strong > Special section for innovative startups since 18/05/2017
  • Professional indemnity insurance policy:</strong > policy number BL27000011
  • Corporate purpose: Primarily, the management of portals for the online collection of venture capital and debt capital offered and issued by innovative start-ups and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, including startups with a social vocation, provided for in Article 50-quinques of Legislative Decree No. 58/1998 or by entities whose offer of capital, shares or financial instruments should be admitted through internet portals.
  • Balance Sheet and Chamber of Commerce Registration: Consult the balance sheet for details, consult the company registration for details.


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Registered office

Viale di Porta Vercellina 9
20123 Milan