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Each campaign published on 2meet2biz is reserved for certain categories of investors: professional investors, institutional investors, individuals, companies. Please make sure that you belong to the category indicated in the campaign before proceeding. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to invest.

Each campaign has a minimum investment amount indicated in the campaign detail information. There is no maximum investment amount.

It means becoming a partner in the company, by purchasing shares in it.

Anyone can invest. If you are a natural person, you must be of legal age.

Visit the Tax Relief section to find out the benefits available to investors, whether they are persons or legal entities.

In order to be eligible for tax deductions, regardless of the date of payment of the investment, the deed of filing of the capital increase with the Companies Register is decisive. Investors are therefore registered in the shareholders' register by the company that raised the capital at the end of the campaign, after they have actually collected the money raised. The companies themselves will send the necessary certification to the Investors who participated in the collection.

Equity crowdfunding follows a time-based criterion, priority is given to those who have joined first, provided that the payment of the order is received in the escrow account designated for the offer within 14 calendar days from the date of joining. Therefore, make sure that you make the payment on time, you can always exercise your right of withdrawal and you will receive your refund without any costs.

If you joined when the maximum target had already been exceeded, you will remain on the waiting list. You will be able to join if a previous investor does not make a payment on time.

In the case of overfunding and exceeding the maximum target, the offering company may extend the capital increase by setting a new amount. This allows the company to raise more investment than expected and to accept orders already received and initially excluded.

In the event of a change in the offer, if you are an investor who joined before the maximum target was reached, you will have the right to revoke your order by making a written request to the platform within 7 (calendar) days of the change. You will find the new documents governing the new conditions in the company's online profile.

If the campaign does not reach the minimum quota, the amount paid will be returned to you at no cost.

The European Union Directive 2004/39/EC known as MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) is an important step towards the establishment of an integrated, effective and competitive financial market in the EU. The main objectives of the directive are:

  • the protection of investors according to their level of financial experience;
  • market integrity;
  • the strengthening of competition mechanisms;
  • the efficiency of the markets aimed at reducing the costs of the services offered;
  • improvement of the governance system of investment firms and better management of conflicts of interest.

For the purposes of completing the Offer on the portal, the Manager verifies that, for each offer published, a portion of the financial instruments offered is subscribed by qualified investors to the following extent:

  • at least 5% if the offeror is an innovative startup.
  • at least 3% if the offeror is a small and medium-sized enterprise in possession of the certification of the financial statements and of the consolidated financial statements, if any, relating to the last 2 financial years preceding the offer, drawn up by an auditor or an auditing company registered in the register of auditors.

A professional on-demand investor is a person who meets at least two of these requirements:

  • has carried out transactions of a significant size on the relevant market at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous four quarters;
  • has a portfolio of financial instruments, including cash deposits, of more than EUR 500,000;
  • works or has worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position requiring knowledge of the transactions or services envisaged.

An investor in support of small and medium-sized enterprises is a person who has a portfolio value of financial instruments, including cash deposits, in excess of EUR 500,000, who meets the requirements of good repute laid down for controlling shareholders and directors of portals (indicated in Article 8, paragraph 1 of the Consob Regulations) and at least one of these requirements:

  • having made, in the last two years, at least 3 investments in the share capital or by way of shareholder financing in innovative startups or innovative SMEs, each of which for an amount of at least EUR 15,000 thousand;
  • having held, for at least 12 months, the position of executive director in an innovative startup or innovative SME, different from the offering company.

In addition to the expenses of the investment itself, in the case of a transfer, there will be no additional expenses, except for those foreseen by your bank for the operation.

At the end of the fundraising, in the event of a successful campaign, the investors will be registered by the company itself as new shareholders at the Company Registry in the city of reference of the company. Once the operation is completed, the company will send the interested parties the certificate of registration as new members.

Yes, anyone who invests in 2meet2biz has the right to change their mind, as long as they do so within the prescribed time limits: within 7 days or within 14 days (calendar) of joining the company, you can exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in the Consob Regulations or the right to change your mind provided for in the Consumer Code, respectively, by written communication to support@2meet2biz.com. Within 7 (calendar) days from the date on which a new event occurs or a material error is detected in the information displayed on 2meet2biz, you may withdraw your subscription to the offer. In all cases the amounts already paid will be returned free of charge, except for any costs arising from the transaction.


Visit the dedicated page to see the requirements for offerors.

From the moment the contract is signed to the launch of the campaign online, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks during which the Offeror must complete all bureaucratic and administrative requirements of the platform.

The online offer has a standard duration of 60 days, but it is also possible to provide offers with a longer duration, depending on the needs of the company, up to an additional 30 days. In addition to the duration of the offer, an additional 10-15 days post-campaign for the receipt of the raised capital should be considered.

The success of a campaign depends on many factors, from the quality of the proposed business to the quality of the presentation. To launch an optimal offer, it is necessary to:

  • explain their product well, their strengths in relation to a well-framed target market, how they believe they will be successful in selling the product/service, how and when an investor would potentially earn money.
  • present a neat and comprehensive media kit and plan the communication activities to be carried out before and during the campaign. 2meet2biz also supports the offering companies in these phases, but it is essential, at all times, to involve the management team for the business side and its community for the media relaunch (users/subscribers/business angels/possible investors).

At the end of the campaign, in the event of a successful campaign, the investors will be registered by the company as new members at the Company Registry in the city where the company is based. Once the campaign has been completed, the company will send them a certificate of registration as new shareholders.